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What to expect Freshers 2017…

So, the first week of uni is called Freshers Week. It is the best chance to make new friends, try new activites and get a proper look around your new home for the next 3+ years. It might be scary but everyone is in the same boat so it will be very exciting.

Once you have been dropped off, had a look around your building and unpacked, make sure you leave your bedroom door open. So you can say Hey to your new flat mates and not block yourself off.

There are some important things to make sure you un-pack (if you can't be bothered to do everything as soon as you arrive)...
make your bed - so after your first social events and a few beers, you aren't coming back to an un-made bed
laptop - to double check you have it and to also catch up on social events or what might be going on in at MyPad that evening
some food - tea or coffee, breakfast the following morning, your dinner too
any freshers tickets you have - so you arent frantically looking for them before your first social event

Fresher's week gets manic due to all the social events, students moving in, getting to know people, and the official things to take care off. You will need to make sure you have registered yourself for your student loan, you will need to meet with your tutors, know the campus, how to get to your campus, a good look around your department as well. We find it important that you register with the local doctor and dentist. Our MyPad team are here to help with that if you have any questions.

OK... what you are all really thinking about... Alcohol!
Most of the social events during Freshers Week involve alcohol. It doesn't mean you have to drink!

Drinking does mean you will spend more money than intended, forget who you have met and deal with quite a few hangovers. Saying this, being in a new area surrounded by new people, alcohol does add a confidence boost to many people.

Before going out, make sure you know your accommodation address and know a taxi firm, or your way around. We also advise that you budget properly... there will always be that one person who has spent their entire loan in the first week! At MyPad, we have security on our doors during the night.

Freshers Fair
This is a fab way to sign up to clubs, societies and meet new people. This will be held in a large area by all the music, sports and hobby clubs will be. This is your chance to sign up to something you might not have done before, OR you secretly really enjoy and want to have ago at it.

In conclusion, you will have a fab time here at MyPad, all our staff and current students are lovely. It is inevitable that you will not remember everyone you have met, but make sure you do meet everyone you can! It can be overwhelming, but it is also so exciting.

If you are ever worried about anything or have any questions, our staff are always on hand. Just make sure you join the events that happen at MyPad, make friends with your other flat mates and visit the Freshers Fair.

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