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Dealing with the stresses of university life

Congratulations on (nearly) completing your first term...
You're nearly at the finish line, don't give up just yet!

Before starting university, you may have read or been told that it will be the best experience of your life and sometimes that's true BUT there are times when it can be overwhelming and stressful. If you've felt like that during term one, that's completely fine and you aren't the only one.

As a university student, you have to balance lots of different things including:

  • your studies
  • your social life
  • your part-time job
  • your fitness/wellbeing
  • your social media presence (if you're bothered)

Stress Awareness Week comes around every November and brings the issue of stress to the surface. University life isn't always easy but we want to help you cope with all of these stresses in the most positive way to make sure you have a happy, balanced life at university.

Here are some positive (and practical) ways to deal with some stresses of university life:

1. Plan ahead
Always be aware of your deadlines in advance and make a visible note of them so that you have no chance of forgetting. You could even tell yourself that the deadline is a week earlier than it actually is because that way you're super prepared and have a bit of breathing space. Leaving revision, assignments or presentation prep until the last minute will have you in the library like...


2. Make time for fun
To some of you this is an obvious one but others may neglect their social life due to deadlines or to go to the gym. Seeing your friends and family will keep you sane after a stressful few days at university so it should be towards the top of your priorities. Head into town with friends one day, host a Netflix binge at yours or just FaceTime your family but never neglect your social life, you just need a fair balance.


3. Manage your shifts at work
This doesn't relate to everyone but if you need a part-time job, it's never going to be easy but there are ways that you can reduce stresses surrounding this. Ask for your rota/shifts in advance so that you can plan your essays/nights out around this and if you've got upcoming exams and deadlines, speak to your manager and ask if you can cut your shifts. Working all day and studying all night isn't healthy because one will end up suffering.


4. Don't neglect your health
When you've had a packed day at uni, you might want to just get into bed and order a takeaway but this will only make it worse. Your health and wellbeing are important and easier to manage than you think! There are lots of easy, healthy and affordable recipes and tips for staying fit – physically and mentally. All of these can be done from the comfort of your flat and don't take up too much of your time either.


5. Stay away from social media
We're all guilty of aimlessly scrolling through social media apps but don't let it control you or stress you out! The majority of what you see online isn't real and the added (unnecessary) pressure of having a perfect life is a stress that you just don't need. Set yourself time limits online and never compare your life to what you see on Instagram or Facebook because your life is just fine as it is!


You can adapt any of these to suit your lifestyle – but by just introducing them, you will feel less pressured and stressed. It's all about being positive and making positive changes!

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