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5 Ways to Break the Ice with New Flatmates

Looking forward to starting university but worried about how you'll break the ice with your new flatmates? Here are our five tried and tested ways to start conversations and make friends with your new flatmates.

  • Use a doorstop for the first few weeks (at least)

Doorstops can be very helpful when you're moving your belongings in but they are also great to signal to your flatmates that you're in and open to them popping their heads into your room to say hello. Lots of students keep these doorstops in place throughout the year, only closing the door when they're sleeping or studying – a great way to show you have an open door policy.

  • Offer cups of tea or coffee

Offering a cup of tea or coffee is a great, fail-safe way to start a conversation and put people at ease. If you don't drink hot drinks, sharing a packet of biscuits will help you find friends for life!

  • Plan activities and outings as a flat/house

In the first few weeks of moving to university, everyone is in the same boat – most people will not know each other or the city they've just moved to so a good way to break the ice is by organising activities or outings with your housemates. For example, you could arrange regular movie nights or trips to the pub – you could even get a team together and try out the local pub quiz.

  • Go to Freshers' events together

Freshers' Week was created to help people get to know each other in those tricky first few weeks of term. They are a great way to meet people with similar interests and it's not just about drinking and clubbing. There are often lots of great society events covering a wide range of topics so you're sure to find something you're interested in. Heading down to the Freshers' Fair or going along to a few Freshers' Week events with your new flatmates is a great way to get to know them. Even if you go along to an event you've never heard of and don't end up joining after Freshers' Week – you'll have something to laugh about together later.

  • Explore the city together

Lots of students move away from their home city to go to university and a brand new city can seem quite daunting at first but remember – your new flatmates probably don't know the city either, and if they do, they can help show the rest of you around.

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